The ITAB Share

ITAB Shop Concept AB’s Class B share was introduced on Nasdaq First North Growth Market on 28 May 2004. The share has been listed on the Main Market of Nasdaq Stockholm (Mid Cap) since 2008. The share is traded under the ticker ITAB.

Share structure

The total number of shares outstanding is 222,500,192 shares, of which 218,100,192 ordinary shares with one vote each and 4,400,000 Class C shares with 1/10 of a vote each.

After the reclassification of all previous Class A shares to Class B shares as part of the recapitalisation and new share issue in 2021, the Company only had one class of shares outstanding. In December 2022, the Board of Directors resolved to issue 4,400,000 Class C shares in order to ensure delivery of ordinary shares to employees within the ITAB Group who participate in the performance-based incentive program, LTIP 2022, that was adopted at the Annual General Meeting on 10 May 2022, by ITAB subsequently converting the Class C shares into ordinary shares. All 4,400,000 Class C shares were subsequently repurchased by ITAB.

ITAB Shop Concept has approximately 5,300 shareholders. At present, the Company  holds no ordinary shares and all 4,400,000 Class C shares in treasury.

All ordinary shares carry equal rights to participation in the assets and earnings of ITAB Shop Concept and entitle the holders to one (1) vote each at the General Meetings of Shareholders. Class C shares do not entitle to dividends and have 1/10 of a vote each.