The Company’s auditors are appointed by the shareholders at an Annual General Meeting.

The auditors examine the Company’s annual accounts, consolidated accounts and accounting records as well as the administration of the Board of Directors and President & CEO. 

According to the Articles of Association of ITAB, a registered accounting company (or, alternatively, one or two authorised public accountants) is to be elected as auditor. Accordingly, the registered accounting company Ernst & Young was elected as the Company’s auditor at the 2022 Annual General Meeting for the period until the end of the 2023 Annual General Meeting. 

Ernst & Young has been auditors in ITAB Shop Concept AB since 28 May 2004. 


Auditor in charge 


Authorised Public Accountant
Member of FAR SRS, Ernst & Young AB 

Born: 1972 

Auditor for ITAB since 2018 

Other auditing assignments include Nolato AB, Absolent Group AB, Garo AB, Hexpol AB, Nefab AB, One Partner Group AB and Gyllensvaans Möbler AB.