Sustainability focus for business benefit

Sustainability Program & Reports

ITAB’s operations are conducted in a responsible manner and the Group is aiming to achieve sustainable development. The Group’s companies are working to reduce the business’s environmental impact and to ensure good working conditions for ITAB’s employees, as well as to maintain good business ethics.

Developing new, sustainable solutions and products creates value for both ITAB and the customer and is an important part of the offer. 

ITAB will continue working on the development of the programme and its establishment within the Group during 2017. This is being achieved in part by formulating KPIs and measurable goals that will be followed up regularly.

Essential issues

Maintaining the trust of the outside world is decisive when it comes to running a business in the long term. As a result, it is important to build good relations with the company’s stakeholders and to be sensitive to their wishes. At the same time, dialogue with the outside world is vital in order to ensure an understanding of the environment and the communities in which ITAB operates.

ITAB’s stakeholders are those groups that have the potential to influence, and that are influenced by, the company’s operations. The most important stakeholder groups include customers, owners, employees, suppliers and society in general. The Group’s companies interact with their stakeholders in a number of ways, such as through discussions and collaborations. Sustainability work is governed by what the stakeholders and the company consider to be important.

During 2016, ITAB conducted a materiality analysis in order to identify the most important areas for the company and its stakeholders. These areas are presented below.


ITAB’s most significant areas


Four focus areas

ITAB’s areas of focus within sustainability



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Here you can download the reports.


Sustainability Report 2017