The work of the Board of Directors

Work of the Board

The 2020 Annual General Meeting resolved that the Board is to consist of nine members Anna Benjamin, Per Borgklint, Petter Fägersten, Sune Lantz, Anders Moberg, Fredrik Rapp, Lottie Svedenstedt, Jan Frykhammar and Vegard Søraunet. Anders Moberg was appointed to chairman of the board.

The 2020 AGM resolved that the Board fee of SEK 2,500,000 is to be divided between the chairman, SEK 500,000, and the members of the Board, SEK 250,000 each.

Swedish Code for Corporate Governance

ITAB's Board and nominations committee intends to comply with the Swedish Code for Corporate Governance ("the Code") in conjunction with the listing of ITAB' shares on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm. ITAB does not expect to deviate from the directives defined in the Code. The first corporate governance report waspresented in conjunction with the 2009 AGM.

Corporate Governance Report

The Board of Directors' rules of procedure

The rules of procedure for the Board of Directors that are instigated every year include the formal work plan, instructions for the company's CEO, spheres of resolution and responsibility, as well as information and reporting plans. The Board appoints a remuneration committee and an audit committee. ITAB Shop Concept's Board of Directors consists of nine members.

Individuals representing ITAB Shop Concept's major owners as well as independents are among the Board members. The CEO and other company officials participate at Board meetings, either to present reports or in an administrative capacity.

Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is the body of the AGM for the preparation of the AGM's decision on appointment matters in order to provide a good basis for the meeting's handling of these matters. At the Annual General Meeting in 2020, a Nomination Committee was appointed consisting of Chairman Ulf Hedlundh, Fredrik Rapp och Per Rodert.

The Nomination Committee's task for the 2022 Annual General Meeting is to propose chairman of the board and board members, meeting chairman of the meeting, auditors and board and audit fees. The Nomination Committee has evaluated the work of the Board and had a minutes for the meeting, with all the members present, and a number of contacts.