Ten years in summary


Over the past 10 years, ITAB has reported an average annual increase in sales of 10%. During this time, a number of strategic acquisitions have been completed within the framework of the clear growth strategy. Acquisitions in Germany, as well as the acquisitions of Nordic Light, New Store Europe and La Fortezza Group, have contributed positively to the change in sales. During 2017, the acquisitions of D&L Lichtplanung GmbH and D.Lindner Lichttechnische Grosshandlung GmbH, with their registered offices in Menden, Germany, have further contributed to the growth in sales.

Over the years, several long-term agreements have been concluded with leading chain stores. These are laying the foundations for the company’s position as one of the leading all-inclusive suppliers of shop concepts in Europe. The work of creating more efficient solutions in shops and for the process of establishing shops is important for the Group’s growth, as is the all-inclusive offer.






In order to create a sustainable and profitable operation over time, efficiency in the value chain has been a high priority. Over the ten-year period, operating profit has grown from SEK 195 million in 2008 to SEK 500 million in 2017, and the operating margin has grown from 5.7% to 7.8%. The improvement in the operating margin is principally due to the long-term work focusing on strengthening the gross margin through efficiency improvements.

The positive margin trend is also due to increased capacity in the Group’s production facilities and synergy effects in conjunction with acquisitions




Net investments, excluding corporate acquisitions, have amounted to between one and four per cent of sales. They have principally consisted of machinery with the focus on unmanned operations, high utilisation of resources and leading technical advances. As a result, the Group is well equipped to face the future. Investments related to business acquisitions have primarily been targeted at reinforcing the company’s position as an all-inclusive shop fittings supplier to the Group’s selected markets, as well as reinforcing and adding to the content of the product portfolio in prioritised areas.


Financial performance

The balance sheet total has increased from SEK 2,243 million to SEK 5,657 million. This increase is in part due to the corporate acquisitions implemented during the period, and in part to the investments that have been made in both production facilities and equipment. The expansion has been realised with the aid of a positive cash flow from current activities, extended credit facilities as well as a new issue of convertible debentures. The interestbearing net liability amounts to SEK 2,130 million.