Historical Development

Through organic growth and strategic business acquisitions, ITAB is now one of Europe’s leading players in shop fitting concepts. Resolute and gradual growth has produced a group with market presence in large parts of Europe.


ITABs Origins and Foundations

The foundations for ITAB were laid when the entrepreneur Tord Johansson conducted his degree project at the neon tube manufacturer ITAB at the end of the 1970s. The company was experiencing difficulties at the time, and when his work, including his opinions on change, was presented to the owners, he was offered the opportunity to purchase the majority of the company. Tord accepted the offer and became the company’s majority shareholder.

ITAB was before, one out of three branches of a corporate group that was then known as ITAB Industri, now XANO Industri. The shop fitting segment split away from ITAB Industri, forming ITAB Shop Concept as a separate group and started expanding in Scandinavia during the 90's. The expansion continued during the beginning of 2000 with acquisitions in Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Czech Republic.