Business Idea and Goals

Complete shop concepts for retail chain stores

ITAB will offer complete shop concepts for retail chain stores. With its expertise, long-term business relationships and innovative products, ITAB will secure a market-leading position in selected markets.

Business objectives

  • ITAB will achieve an annual growth rate of at least 15% over an extended period
  • ITAB will maintain and enhance its market leading position in Northern Europe* and develop market shares in new markets
  • ITAB will develop its all-inclusive offer through custom-made fitting concepts, innovative solutions for the checkout arena and professional lighting systems

*Northern Europe includes the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, the UK, Benelux, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and the Ukraine.

Financial objectives

  • Over a prolonged period, ITAB will have a minimum 20 per cent return of equity
  • ITAB will have at least 25 per cent risk-bearing capital
  • ITAB's share dividends will, over an extended period, follow the company's profits and correspond to at least 30 per cent of the company's profit after tax. Dividends will, however, be adjusted to the company's investment needs and share repurchase schemes when relevant.




  • ITAB will develop and nurture long-term business relations with chain stores within the food and non-food segments by working closely with its customers and their markets. 
  • The competence, dedication and business-like attitude that characterises the Group will instil trust and confidence in each and every customer.
  • ITAB will offer all-inclusive solutions by assuming responsibility for the entire process - from concept, design, project management and construction to production, logistics and installation. 
  • ITAB will develop new concepts, products and solutions by utilising its extensive market expertise and innovativeness while working closely with its customers.
  • ITAB will use its highly efficient and flexible production resources, assiduous logistics and selected partners to offer market competitive terms coupled with precise delivery accuracy and quality. 
  • ITAB will use its leading position in Northern Europe as a springboard for further growth and expansion in other selected markets.