ITAB Shop Concept has entered into a definitive agreement regarding the acquisition of the Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group in Germany from Wilh. Werhahn KG. By that ITAB becomes the second largest shop fitting and shop equipment supplier in Europe.

Published20 Dec 2007

ITAB Shop Concept, with its corporate domicile in Jönköping, Sweden, and market place at the First North, has entered into a definitive agreement regarding the purchase of the Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group, the transaction to be closed on the 2nd of January 2008.

The Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group consists of Hansa Harr and Hansa Kontor in Germany, Hansa Mertens in Belgium and Hansa GWS in England. The turnover of the Group is approximately SEK 850 million and the Group employs approximately 400 people.

Today Hansa Harr is the market leader in Europe regarding check-outs. The Company has a strong market position in Germany and considerable sales also to England, Central Europe and Scandinavia. After the acqusition ITAB will be the largest supplier of checkouts in Europe with an annual production of more than 20 000 units. Hansa Harr is located in Niedergurig by Boutzen in the east of Germany. Extension to the existing premises and investments into production equipment, are under way in order to increase the capacity.

Hansa Kontor, with its corporate domicile in Cologne, is a well established concept supplier of complete shops for primarily the German food retailing market. In addition to a long standing tradition in the shopfitting business the strength of the Company is design and concept development. The German sales activities of the Company are concentrated in Cologne. The purchase of Hansa Kontor gives ITAB an important position in the German shopfitting market.

Hansa Mertens in Antwerpen is market leader in the Belgian market regarding shop fittings. The Company has a manufacturing plant, focusing on flexibility and custom-made shelving systems and shopfittings. Hansa Mertens has its own shopfitting system which primarily is sold to Belgium, France and Germany. Through the acqusition of Hansa Mertens ITAB’s position is strengthened in the Benelux area.

Hansa GWS is located in Gravesend outside London. Hansa GWS is one of the leading suppliers of shopfittings and check-outs in England. The Company has a well developed organization for project management and also a very strong installation and service business. Through this acqusition ITAB will be the largest supplier in the English market.

As ITAB, Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group focuses on the largest European chain stores. Today Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group has production facilities of its own, which are expected to contribute to ITAB’s other manufacturing fascilities, for example in the Czech Republic.

In addition ITAB through the acquisition becomes the largest supplier regarding check-outs in Europe, further trade channels for shopfittings and entrance systems are also created. After the acquisition ITAB will be the second largest shopfitting and shop equipment supplier in the European market.

The purchase price is € 26,5 million (appr. SEK 250 million). The purchase price will be paid in cash and will be financed through loans and capital from the current shareholders. The purchase will have a positive impact on the earnings per share with at least SEK 1 already in 2008.

About ITAB
ITAB delivers complete shop fittings to the European retailers. The business consists of project management, design, development, manufacturing and sales. Included in the concept line of goods are shop fittings, mainly made out of wood and metal, shop equipment, such as check-outs and entrance systems, and also products developed by ITAB. The turnover of ITAB Shop Concept was before the acquisition approximately SEK 2,5 billion per year. The Group has approximately 1300 employees. After the acquisition of Hansa Kontor Shopfitting Group the total running 12-months sales in the ITAB group is approximately SEK 3,4 billion per year with 1700 employees.

The certified advisor of ITAB Shop Concept is Remium AB.

About Werhahn
The Werhahn group is one of the oldest and leading family controlled businesses of Germany. The group is active in construction materials, kitchen ware, bakery, products and other activities. The group have an annual turn over of € 2,4 bn and 8700 employees.

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