Published31 Jan 2017

What will be the news from ITAB at EuroShop 2017?

– During EuroShop we will be able to view a number of new inspiring shop concepts and solutions, says Ulf Rostedt.

-We will demonstrate the first self-checkout range for the fashion industry. This is something we have never seen before, enabling fashion retailers to offer their customer a convenient and fast self-checkout experience.

ITAB continue to develop its vision about the store focused on service and experience. The EasyFlow system for automatic checkout we now take in to the aisles of the store and launching the new AirFlow system based on MatchX technology from EasyFlow. AirFlow will automatically register article transactions as you pick it from the shelf.

– We call it Pick&Go, the concept works similar to AmazonGo. As a concept demonstration, it is the next strategic step in our development to transform the checkout process in stores. I am convinced that this will become one of EuroShop’s major attractions!

– In lighting we will showcase new linear lighting solutions and intelligent lighting systems. ITAB will also show the latest developments in digital solutions where we connect the consumer with the brick and mortar store making sure to have one seamless and integrated customer experience at the store level.

You say, “Creating the ultimate shopping experience, close to you!” What do you mean by that?

– For us it is essential to listen to the customer, think like the consumer, and act in the local market, close to the customer. We also want customers to understand the benefits of our solutions across our entire product portfolio, together with the logistical advantages of our global presence. Consumer behavior and ways of shopping have changed dramatically, and will continue to change; as a result, there are now many more demands on the store today in terms of shopping missions and omni-channel service options.

-We want retailers to know that ITAB, with the help of our broad solutions and competence, can help to create more effective store solutions where consumer experience is at the centre.

Why should the customer choose ITAB as a partner?

– We are now a global player with local presence, currently operating in 30 countries, with production in 20 of these. We are close not only to our customers but also to their local markets. Due to having our own production facilities, we can assure our customers of production efficiency, product quality and delivery reliability, all provided with a focus on cost-efficiency and sustainability.

– Furthermore, we constantly endeavor to create solutions, which anticipate upcoming market trends and consumer behavior, as the ideas on our stand at EuroShop will show. As I see it, we have a unique offer!

How has the ITAB Group developed since last EuroShop?

– Over the past three years we have enhanced our offer, developing new and innovative products and solutions. In addition, we have made several acquisitions and strengthened our market position.

In 2016, you acquired La Fortezza Group. What is the major benefits for ITAB, La Fortezza and your customers?

– Our latest acquisition is La Fortezza Group, which you can visit in Hall 14/C36. The acquisition gives ITAB a broader and stronger market position in Europe, with a local presence in southern Europe, Russia and South America.

– Through the acquisition, La Fortezza can offer ITAB’s product and solutions portfolio within the checkout arena and professional lighting areas.

– We have also gained access to La Fortezza’s strong position within the FMCG and DIY sectors, and can offer a broader concept range for the specialist retail trade in southern Europe. The ITAB Group has also expanded its global presence, which is becoming more and more important for our larger customers.

file-iconInterview with Ulf Rostedt, CEO at ITAB
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ITAB Shop Concept AB sells, develops, manufactures and installs complete shop fitting concepts for retail chain stores. The all-inclusive offer includes custom-made fitting concepts, checkouts, self-checkout systems and professional lighting systems. Customers include the major players throughout most parts of Europe. ITAB is the market leader at checkout to retailers in Europe, and one of Europe’s largest suppliers of shop fitting concepts and lighting systems. The group has approximately 3,600 employees and had 2016 a turnover of SEK 5,417 million. ITAB B-share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.