Board Member

Vegard Søraunet

(born in 1980)

Board member since: 2021

Degrees: Master in Accounting and Finance, Handelshøyskolen BI in Oslo, Norway.

Principal work experience: Investment director at Seatankers Management Norway AS and leading positions and portfolio manager at ODIN Fund. 

Commissions: From 2021, CEO, investment director and founder of Aeternum Management AS, which manage the investment company Aeternum Capital AS. CEO and chairman of the board of Søraunet Invest AS.

Shareholding in ITAB Shop Concept AB: Independent in relation to the company and the company’s management, as well as independent in relation to ITAB’s larger shareholders. However, following the contemplated rights issue, Vegard Søraunet will be dependent in relation to ITAB’s larger shareholder.