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Long-term customer relations with Europe’s largest players

Market demand for shop fitting concepts is driven by start-ups and refurbishment of shops and chains in the food and non-food segments. Delivering to these customers means satisfying the ever-increasing expectations in terms of market presence, production capacity, efficiency and delivery reliability.

ITAB has the strength and capacity to create long-term customer relationships and to expand at a rate that matches the growth plans of Europe’s most successful chain stores. ITAB’s market position and growth are built on close, long-term collaboration with its customers. The Group’s organisational structure, working model and ability to be an all-inclusive supplier make it possible to follow customers into new markets while retaining the same level of service.

Through the acquisition of La Fortezza, ITAB now also has a market presence in southern Europe. ITAB’s geographic market now covers the whole of Europe. In line with the strategy of following major customers into new markets, ITAB now has operations in Asia, South America and the USA.

Long term customer relations with Europe´s largest players

To create long-term customer relationships and utilise synergies, the companies in the Group collaborate closely with each other and can work together to deliver to an individual customer across several countries. The project manager serves as the hub and co-ordinates all aspects of the programme.

ITAB’s customers include Europe’s major retail chains, encompassing both international and domestic chains. These customers include Albert Heijn, Asda, Auchan, Axfood, C&A, Carrefour, Celesio, Coop, Dixon, Elgiganten, Edeka, Etos, ForeEver 21, Leroy Melin, LeClerc, Lloyds, LuLu, Ica, Ikea, Intermache, Hema, H&M, Homebase, John Lewis, KappAhl, Kesko, Majid Al Futtaim, Metro Group, Maxima, Morrisons, Netto, NorgesGruppen, O’key, Panda, Pandora, Prisma, Real, Rewe, Rimi, Sainsbury, Statoil, System U, Tesco, Tiger, Waitrose, Wilkinsons and Uniclo.